Five Reasons Webinars Work

1. Generate Sales Leads – when your company decides to present a webinar, you can gather contact information from your prospects during the registration process.  After the event, you just forward this information to your sales team.  It’s that simple!

2. Educate – webinars are a great way to reach many people easily.  With interactive features such as surveys, polling and testing participants will still feel as though they are attending a live course.

3. Cost Effective – why spend a lot of money if you don’t have to?  Sending someone to a seminar can be really expensive after you add travel, attendance and salary costs.  You pay for a webinar just once – to register – and sometimes they’re free!  Additionally, if you are the one hosting the webinar, not only do you receive income – you save out of pocket expenses you would incur for room rental, refreshments, etc.

4. Convenient – the beauty of webinars is you can view and/or give a webinar from anywhere you have an internet connection and phone line.

5. Exposure – depending on how you market your event, hosting webinars gives your company exposure and opens the door to prospects that may not have otherwise heard of you.

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