Paid vs. Sponsored Webinars

If you’re not really familiar with the different types of webinars, the terminology can be confusing.  We all know that webinars can be used for different purposes – for example lead generation, training and revenue generation – but there are really only two types of webinars: Paid and Sponsored.

Simply put, a Paid Webinar is one where the attendance fee is collected from the attendee – much like they would for an in-person workshop, seminar or class.  Applications include:

  • Online Education for students
  • Education for association members
  • Training programs for professional development

The attendance fee for a Sponsored Webinar is paid by the organizing host and participants attend free of charge.  Applications include:

  • Employee Training
  • Sales presentations/demonstrations
  • Product-related “how-to” seminars
  • Briefings on the latest trends affecting your customers/members
  • Updates on new technologies
  • New ideas for dealing with industry issues
  • Product promotion through a lecture series

To learn more about the endless opportunities hosting webinars present, register for the free webinar on December 10th entitled, “Generate Revenue with Webinars”

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