Benefits of Recording and Archiving Webinars and TeleSeminars

Most of the leading web conferencing platforms allow you to record your webinar presentation. It’s then available for playback using one of the free media players out there (depends on what format the service records in).

Recording your presentation can be very useful for a number of reasons (I’ll give you the top 5):

  1. Less than ½ of the people who register for your event will actually show up (if it is free). But the ones that don’t show up are still important and you want them to have the benefit of viewing your presentation. If it’s recorded, you can send them an email saying  “you’re sorry they missed it – here’s a link to the recording”
  2. Many of the people that do show up will want to share what they have learned with colleagues – and a recording is the easiest way to help that happen.
  3. If you’re charging people to attend – and they miss it, you can send them the recording and avoid having to deal with refunds.
  4. With the increasing value of video to SEO, you’re going to want to post it on YouTube and on your web site.
  5. And finally, you can continue to offer the webinar on-demand behind a registration page that can serve as either a lead capture technique or for extra revenue generation.

If you have any other good tips on how to use your webinar and teleseminar recordings, please post them in the comments section we would love to hear them.

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5 Responses to Benefits of Recording and Archiving Webinars and TeleSeminars

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  2. Prayogie says:

    If I went back to commuting, I’d be back into ear-learning’ like a rat up a dpniaripe. Maybe when I get my west-facing cliff-top, ocean-view penthouse (in 2045!) I’ll give podcasts a shot in the afternoons.

  3. Carter Choudhary says:

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  4. Recording your presentation is very essential for a number of reasons. You can have this recording for the future references. You can share your recording easily with your friends with the help of social media networking sites like facebook, twitter,youtube etc.

  5. scotthharmon says:

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