Conferencing Tips Part 1- Getting People to Attend

I am going to provide you with three tips to help ensure that the people invited to your audio conference call actually show up.

A great way to ensure people show up is to send them an auto reminder. An email that is automatically sent from the conferencing platform 15 – 30 minutes before the call start time.

For those that don’t show up when they’re supposed to, you can dial-out from the conference bridge on a separate line and bring them into conference. This actually works well for international participants that would prefer not to pay their own long distance for the call – some of those long distance rates in foreign countries can be brutal.

Another interesting feature is having the bridge automatically dial-out from an attendee list that you created when you scheduled the call. This feature is even more effective than the reminder email …for the chronically unreliable.

Now not all of these features are available from all providers – so you may need to check with whoever you’re using for your teleconferencing service.

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3 Responses to Conferencing Tips Part 1- Getting People to Attend

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  2. Very Informative tips. I’ll share this information with my clients , this will make our conference call transcription workeasier.

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