About ConferTel

ConferTel Home Office in Carlsbad California

Based in Carlsbad, CA, ConferTel is a software developer of IVR and web-based information services and communication solutions. Providing a range of event-driven applications, including fully managed webinar services for participant-paid and lead generation, audio and web conferencing, operator assisted event calls and on-demand record/replay services.

ConferTel’s innovative products and application development capabilities have helped thousands of clients save costs, generate income and increase productivity. We offer a consultative approach to assist you in developing the right solutions for your specific application and budget. 

With ConferTel, you always get the clearest sound, the fastest service, and the most advanced conferencing technology.

ConferTel is committed to saving companies money by reducing their need to travel by using the web for sales, training, marketing and everyday meetings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ConferTel guarantees the quality of every conference we facilitate.  If any conference that we provide is not to your full satisfaction, we will credit that conference to the extent you feel is appropriate.

Few companies are able to consistently deliver outstanding value at high quality standards. ConferTel makes this commitment to you. We know that your conferences are important, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that those meetings go well…we guarantee it!


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