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Why Are Webinars and Virtual Events So Effective?

by Bruce Newman –  President, wwWebevents.com The number and importance of webinars and webinar listings has surged in the past few years.  The many reasons for this include: the greatly reduced costs of development, attending, travel (which is usually eliminated) … Continue reading

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Conferencing Tips Part 3 – Benefits of Recording Audio Conference Calls

Virtually all conferencing providers offer a recording feature which allows you to record your conference call. Recordings are digital and usually accessible via a toll-free number. What you’re looking for in Recording and Replay functionality is: Being able to start … Continue reading

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Conferencing Tips Part 2 – Using Moderator Controls

Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your audio conference call. Using  the name announcement feature, where the system announces who has joined the call, can be really useful – but only for … Continue reading

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Conferencing Tips Part 1- Getting People to Attend

I am going to provide you with three tips to help ensure that the people invited to your audio conference call actually show up. A great way to ensure people show up is to send them an auto reminder. An … Continue reading

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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Webinars

Webinars help speakers, consultants, trainers and other seminar promoters in 7 key ways: Reason #1: You’ll Build Targeted Lists of Qualified Prospects. Webinars are a lot easier to sell than live events – because there’s no travel involved and people … Continue reading

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Ease of use in Teleconferencing – why it matters

Have you ever participated in a telephone conference call as either a moderator or attendee?  Did the call go exactly as planned or were there little glitches – the presenter stumbled, attendees didn’t know how to connect and/or the start … Continue reading

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The One Minute Skill Builder

So far, I really haven’t talked too much about what it is that ConferTel does – I’ve been too busy giving you tips about hosting successful webinars.  But last month we launched a cool new email program called the “One … Continue reading

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